Seascape Designs was born out of a seaside walk. While marveling at the beauty of shell fragments on the shore, a glint in the sand caught my eye. It was a piece of sea glass. This “diamond in the rough” fit in so perfectly with its marine surroundings that back in my studio I put the two together and found something magical happening — the glass and shells were meant for each other and the art took shape organically.

Born and raised in beautiful BC, it was only when I moved to the wide-open spaces of the prairies of Western Canada that I had to learn to look closer to find the beauty that is all around us. I believe I’ve carried this training and attitude with me back to the West Coast and put it to use uncovering the gems that wash up along the shores of Victoria.

Thanks to the power of the ocean, each shell and fragment of glass is different — it takes thirty to fifty years of tumbling in the waves for a true piece of sea glass to be born. When I work on a piece, I want that individuality to shine through, so I allow the shell to guide the outcome. By employing a background in watercolour painting, I then enhance the shells with fanciful, bright colours that really allow the sea glass to stand out.

All my shells and glass have been harvested from the area. Whether wearing my jewellery or displaying my art, the owner is connected both literally and in imagination with this beautiful region of the world.

Over the past year I have been exploring the world around me with my camera.  Most of my photos have been taken in and around Victoria.

Victoria, BC   CANADA



      1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your nice words. I will continue. Hope to see some more from your works soon. It’s so nice to collect sea-glass, isn’t it?

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